Handmade teardrop campers
built in sydney
Why buy a teardrop ? 

In a word - simplicity. We don't enjoy spending hours packing the car with camping equipment or struggling to setup a trailer-tent when we could be relaxing in the beautiful outdoors. Teardrops are easy to store and tow, and require virtually no setup. They can also can hold all of the gear needed for a trip so you can go camping with minimal preparation whenever you want. 

Camping with style and simplicity 

Ridge Teardrops provide a convenient way to enjoy the outdoors with an ultra-light camper trailer that is easy to store, ready to go, and comfortable when you arrive. Our campers also convert to a table and footwell inside so that you can be cosy even if it rains.

Because all cooking and sleeping gear can be stored the camper, all you need to bring is food, drink and clothes. You can even arrive at your destination late at night with no pop-up roof or awnings to setup - just enjoy the stars with your favourite drink.

Why Ridge ? 

Ridge offers teardrop campers with the perfect balance of ease of use, minimal setup time and low towing weight. Packed with luxury features as standard, you can just jump in the car and escape to that music festival, winery or surf competition and turn a day trip into a memorable stay without having to worry about packing camping gear.

Ridge teardrops are the ultimate tiny house on wheels, with a range of features that are normally only found in more expensive models. All our campers are fully solar-powered, with a large bed and multiple storage areas, lights and USB points to make each stay a pleasure. They also feature our unique cabin seating area for sheltered comfort on rainy days.

Ridge teardrops are manufactured using fibreglass-composite insulated panels, providing all-year-round comfort and resistance to impact. Combined with our galvanized trailer this results in a camper that is built to last. 

Our campers have many features as standard including a high-power solar charger, 100w solar panel, 36-litre fridge, two-burner stove, 6 LED lights, 5 USB ports, 12v power socket and a spare wheel. We take real pride in our products and manufacturing techniques, providing a 2-year structural warranty on all our campers.

With diverse skills and experience in carpentry, boat building, marine interiors, electrical / plumbing installation and upholstery, our team has the breadth of skills required to create campers that tick all boxes. We have worked to understand what features campers really need, and offer them as standard.

We also offer a variety of accessories / options to enhance your camper, including roof bars, side awnings, electrical upgrades and a full protective cover. 

Why are we different ? 

  • Modern fibreglass construction

  • Cabin table - we are cosy even if it rains

  • Truly lightweight at only 480kg

  • Accessibility - multiple modifications available

  • Genuinely Aussie made

  • Fridge and full solar charging system included as standard

Come and take a closer look

We invite you to compare our specifications and pricing.

Being based in the Brookvale industrial area on Sydney’s Northern Beaches we have access to a huge range of local suppliers and engineering skills and this enables us to source many components locally. 

We also offer a Caravan / Campervan / RV repair service from Brookvale.

We make our campers on-site, with extensive use of stainless steel, fibreglass-walled insulated composite panels, professional-grade European adhesives and aluminium trim, giving our campers unique strength and design.

We would love to see you at our Brookvale factory / showroom to share our passion.