camping for everyone !

Our Teardrop Campers offer a range of benefits for people who love camping but for whom mobility can be a challenge.

ultra light

Only 480kg so easy to tow 


Because we build campers on-site, we can add custom features 

suited to you


Just tow into place and relax

easy to get into

Sit on the comfortable doorway and roll into bed


Our doors are already large, and we can install extra-wide to make your camping experience easier. 

examples of optional features

toilet options

Our side awning is easy to setup and has zip-down walls. This gives privacy and we can supply a front box with a compartment for storing a cassette toilet.

Grab Rails

These can be installed almost anywhere, both inside and out - exactly where you need them.

Lighting / Switches and power points / USBs

We can locate these where needed, and we also offer remote control options.

Hot water / Shower

10L electric water heater, with compact shower unit accessed from the side of the van. No need to rely on your campsite's facilities.

Shelving / storage

Interior shelves or storage pockets can be added for easy reach.

Slide boards

The door frame height is around 50cm from the ground, and has a lip to attach a slide board for easy entry and exit. We can also manufacture custom slide boards and side ramps for perfect height matching.

Above all, our aim is to reduce reliance on campsite facilities to give you the freedom to explore more.

We understand that everyone has different needs and we would love to welcome you to our Brookvale factory to show off our campers and discuss any modifications to make camping possible for you. Or, feel free to give us a call anytime.