Caravan / Campervan / RV repairs and restoration in Sydney's Northern Beaches

Ridge Caravan Repairs offers a competitive and flexible caravan / motorhome repair service from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We can also perform on-site repairs.

As a builder of custom caravans we are experienced in the broad variety of techniques and products required to fix your problems or enhance your space including:

  • - 12-volt electrical installation and troubleshooting
  • - Window / door repair and replacement
  • - Caravan plumbing
  • - Leak identification and remediation
  • - Cupboard / Cabinet repair and replacement
  • - Fibreglass / aluminium / composite panels
  • - Upholstery / flooring
  • - Solar power installation
  • - Van shelving installation
  • - Restoration of original parts
  • - Audio Visual installation and repair

We are skilled at maximising the limited space in caravan / camper installations with innovative solutions and are happy to work on both vintage caravans and modern vans.
If you have a vintage / retro caravans and are looking to outsource part or all of your restoration project we can help with any of the following components:


Upholstery rarely looks good after 10 or 20 years, and the choice of replacement (retro or modern) can be a key factor in the overall look of your van. We can sew replacement covers (with zips for removal / cleaning) in your chosen material for bedding, seating and also curtains.


Electrical work


Caravans can have 240v or 12v electrical systems or a combination of both. We are experts at both troubleshooting existing problems or designing modern electrics. This includes fully off-grid solar systems, or hybrid systems with supply or charging from 240v, solar or a towing vehicle. We can also rewire vintage caravans as-is if you want to retain the full vintage feel but with modern cabling.




We can work with you to design the right plumbing solution appropriate to your needs, with matching pump and taps. We can also install additional outlets for outdoor showers.




Vintage caravans tend to have a lot of smaller windows with many rivets, seals and winding mechanisms to fail. As caravans weaken with age the flexing of the body can cause glass windows to crack. We can replace and or fix window parts (including fabrication of aluminium parts) and also replace glass panes with modern acrylic and new seals.


Interior Furniture


Wood effect cupboards can look good, but too often they contribute to an unattractive dated look. We have full woodworking capabilities to replace furniture components that have deteriorated beyond use, and can also re-coat laminate furniture with specialist restoration finishes to give a new bright look to your furniture.   We are also experienced at maximizing the usability of small spaces and can work with you to design folding tables / beds and other innovative features.



Please call / email us to discuss your needs – we are happy to visit you to look at your van and provide free, no obligation quotes.